Cars For Sale

Owning a freshly imported car from Japan is a dream for many people, however…. there are a lot of cars that are being imported that are poor quality, have been involved in previous accidents or have had their mileage altered. 

Why buy from us?

  • We carefully select cars from Japan with our network of trusted dealers out there that we work closely with. We don’t buy from auctions, as it’s a gamble to what you have bought.
  • ALL of our cars have not 1 but 2 inspections in Japan, then a 3rd with us here in the UK.
  • NONE of of cars have any previous accident history.
  • ALL of our cars have their mileage verified.
  • All of our cars are radiation free.
  • Vehicles are FULLY insured during the shipping process.

Want a car that you don’t see on our stocklist? We can source many different cars, click here to send us and email with your requirements.

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