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The LINK’S Rebuilt Engines – Top professional Rebuilt Engine from Link’s and is built with a more performance oriented specification than their line of OEM spec engines. Links is a professional company specializing exclusively on engine rebuilds for any vehicle engine ranging from those from corporate fleets to race ready tuners.

Their L-Spec engines have been tried and tested in the professional racing competitions such as the March Cup and Super Taikyu Endurance Races. Through longtime experience, LINK’S provides the most complete rebuilt engines possible. All faulty parts found on an engine during the rebuilt process, are swapped with a brand new or rebuilt replacement. All expendable parts (rubber seals, gaskets, etc.) are swapped with brand new replacements. Moreover, take every precaution possible to prevent engine trouble prior to installation. Firing tests are performed on every engine rebuilt. In addition to the rebuild procedures mentioned above, select components of the L-Spec engine’s interior will receive WPC and MOS2 coating for increase durability, dynamic balancing is done to the engine, and a host of other features are added to the engine to unlock it’s performance potential. The L-Spec engine has been built to provide you with performance beyond what the standard engine can provide while retaining the reliability of a stock engine

– Valve Guide Inspected/Replaced
– Stem Seals Replaced
– Head Gasket Replaced
– Valve Clearance Adjusted
– Cleaned Oil Lines/Water Lines
– Cleaned Oil Cooler
– Cylinders Inspected
– Honing/Boring Modification of Engine Block
– Piston Rings Replaced
– Oil Filter Replaced
– Water Pump Replaced
– Crankshaft Polished
– Bearings Inspected/Replaced
– Crankshaft Clearance Adjusted
– Reinforced Timing Belt Installed (select models)
– Guides and Tensioners Replaced
– Tensioner Bearing Replaced
– Idler Bearing Replaced
– Brand New Pistons (WPC & MOS2 Coated, O/S Pistons installed depending on engine model)
– Plateau Honing of Cylinders
– WPC Coating of Crankshaft Bearings
– Dynamic Balancing of Engine
– Painted Valve Cover (Red or Black)
– Metal Head Gasket (Confirmation of specification needed)

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