NIsmo GT Crankshaft

Nismo RB26DETT GT Crankshaft


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Product Description

Compared with the genuine NISSAN standard crankshaft, Nismo GT Crankshaft was designed as long-stroke crankshaft, which features 4mm longer stroke length (77.7mm). By using Nismo GT Crankshaft in conjunction with genuine NISSAN piston (1mm over-size) and NISMO GT Connecting Rods, engine displacement will be upgraded to 2,771cc. Nismo GT Crankshaft was manufactured in forging and fillet-roll process to achieve its super strength.

Applications (RB26DETT only):

Skyline’s –

  • BNR32 GTR
  • BCNR33 GTR
  • BNR34 GTR

Stagea’s –

  • WGNC34 Kai

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